eduardo carrera

buenos aires summer 01-02



Buenos Aires Summer 2001-2002

One day summer started, and nobody in Argentina noticed. It was December 21, 2001, the Friday they counted the bodies. In spite of the riots and their aftermath, the usual summer heat descended upon the city right on time: there were long, hot days peppered with the fireworks that always augur the holidays here and that this time made everyone's hair stand on end. “Buenos Aires Summer 2001-2002” are the postcards of that landscape of a summer indolence reinforced by the urgency that had been generated by the core of the economic crisis in Argentina.

In chronological order, the first photograph in the series was taken on December 21st itself, and the last in the middle of February, 2002; all of them were taken in public spaces and all of them in Buenos Aires.

The work was exhibited in March, 2003 in the Gallery of the Centro Cultural San Martín in Buenos Aires, alongside “Carrousel,” a series that in several respects is the continuation of “Buenos Aires Summer.”